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Mystery Dice Review


My kids love getting the various mystery toys that are popular in all the stores right now. And, I have to admit, I’m always a little jealous. Whether it’s a cute furry animal or a bizarrely humanoid piece of food, I want a slice of this mystery surprise action! So when I saw these mystery dice bags from Mystery Dice Goblin, I was pretty stoked. Even if, like most gamers, I already have more dice than I need (just like my kids have more toys than they need), there is always room for another set in my collection. For this review, they sent over three random samples for me to check out.

Mystery Dice

What You Get

In each blind bag, you’ll receive a full set of polyhedral dice, but the exact color and pattern of your dice will be a surprise. 

For this review, I looked at three sets of the mystery dice, which helped me determine what sort of variety you might find in the packages. Each set of dice seemed to be good quality, with a decent weight and standard sizes. 

Mystery Dice

Quality and Variety

The three packs I opened contained three very different-looking sets of dice, as far as color and pattern were concerned. They were all made from your standard plastic resin. Some had swirls, some had sparkles. The weight and feel of the dice were nice, and they didn’t feel chintzy.

I had just a few nitpicks. I felt that the mixing of the colors in the dice didn’t always feel consistent—some dice in the same set almost looked like they could belong to two different sets because the marbling on one contained a lot more dark color than another. The mixing just felt odd, like maybe the colors weren’t balanced enough or something. Not a huge deal, but a little ding against them.

Mystery Dice


My other complaint would be that some of the color choices for the numbers on the dice did not contrast enough with the dice color, which made them hard to read in some lighting—dark colors on dark dice, light colors on light. I would have liked to see more contrast there. But I imagine there’s also a lot of variety among all of the possible sets you could get, so this may not be a consistent issue across all sets.

Mystery Dice

Final Thoughts

Aside from what I mentioned above, I had no issues with the functionality of the dice—they roll well and feel nice in your hand. The colors were, for the most part, attractive and the three sets I received were all sufficiently different from each other. The idea of a mystery bag for dice is pretty exciting, especially if you, like me, are just a little jealous of the kids getting all the fun mystery toys. 

So if you’re a fan of polyhedral dice, or you’re looking for an ideal gift for your D&D friends, I recommend giving this fun little product a try. Hit up their website to see all their offerings. 

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